The Year I Loved Myself Planner

A Step-by-Step Guide For Postnatal Self-Care

New Mom Planner

Focusing on mom’s recovery, the New Mom Planner has been designed to help mom manage her own health and well-being while falling into her new role.

You’ve planned the perfect pregnancy, labour and delivery, the nursery and even the brand of diapers you will use, but what about you? Do you have a plan for you as a new mom? How will you recover? What kind of support system do you have in place? What are your most important goals? (yes! sleep is considered a goal here!) What’s the plan to get you back on your feet?

You can’t put a price tag on health, happiness and well-being. New mothers are literally depleted leading into one of the most physically and mentally challenging times of their lives. This is your roadmap for recovery and a blueprint for long lasting, healthy habits.

Did you know that postnatal depression peaks 4 years after the birth of baby? Women can suffer from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth for years if proper recovery is not achieved/obtained. Moms are not necessarily educated on what their body has actually been through physically and mentally in order to carry, deliver and care for their baby. Even those moms who do receive the information are not made aware of the vast importance of it. 

What Makes This Planner So Important?

organized into 6-week segments synchronized with your baby’s first year

undated planner pages to accommodate your delivery date

self-help checklists focusing on your mental and physical health

guided reflections and goal setting

customizable to suit your needs

a unique PPD checklist for maternal mental health

Online Community Support

a private community of like-minded mamas

video tutorials on getting the most out of your planner

resources and support for your first year of parenthood

interviews with industry experts

led by you, the mama, to make sure you get the support you need

opportunity to test new products and receive special offers and discounts

Why Choose The Year I Loved Myself Planner?

A few words of love from our sisterhood...

The New Mom Planner is an insightful addition for new moms to go along with their new additions. It provides resourceful information on what moms need most in the first year after baby comes. From self-care tips to continuous check-ins to see how the new mom is feeling. This little book is a must have for our diaper bags. Taking care of mom will help them be the best moms that their children. Thank you for creating this guide to follow the first year.

Alissa B.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor & Mom, Alissa Blais Yoga & Wellness

A thoughtful, informative, and eye-opening book not to be missed by any new mom. The green, yellow and red zone checklists and brainstorming sections are especially useful for new moms – whether it be their first baby or second, third, or fourth baby. I would highly recommend this book to my mom patients in the future. Thank you for providing this information to moms and their loved ones and for making it ok for moms to not only love their babies – but most importantly to love themselves.

Dr. Amy Tung, HBSc. ND

Naturopathic Doctor & Mom, Dr. Amy Tung, HBSc. ND

I found this planner an excellent resource for postpartum organization. The information is a great resource as well as supportive and encouraging. The breakdowns of stages after birth I found very helpful as well as the checklist for dealing with and recognizing postpartum issues and anxieties. Keeping your post-baby life isn’t an easy task and the planner can help manage day to day life with a new baby. I would definitely use as well as recommend this panner to friends and family.

Dayna B

New Mom

The New Mom Planner was such an incredible part of the healing process in my post-partum journey. The PPD checklists really opened my eyes and allowed me to see that I needed help and what I was experiencing was not my new normal. The daily checklists helped to keep me on track with water intake, healthy eating, and rest! I would highly recommend this planner to any new mom!

Lindsey E

Independent Stylist & New Mom

Your Roadmap To Recovery

Bring back the practice of self-care and social support. The New Mom Planner is the first step in raising awareness and implementing new standards in postnatal care.